La vie politique (Les élections+ parlement européen des jeunes)

Hey! Okay i know i'm quite a bit late, but yes france has a new president and i haven't said anything about it in my blog, you may think i'm an uninteressed exchange student ... but that's not the case i've just been quite busy so not much time for blogging. However i have some great stuff to show you, concerning political life in france lately:

1. Since my hostfamily were helping at the "bureau de vote" (where all people in our neighbourhood are going to vote) i got to see the vote-counting at the first round.

2. In sweden i've been active in an organisation called the European Youth Parliament , who organize sessions all over europe, where youths come together to discuss politics. So i had kind of left this aside since i came to france, but one day I was looking at the french website, and saw they were looking for people for a smaller session with students from different highschools. So i went to the beautiful city of Vannes and participated in this very nice session !

Pictures from the vote-counting
(glömde såklart min kamera så det blev lite halvtaskiga mobilbilder)


Ok so everyone who doesn't know, if anyone doesn't know, the namne of the new french president is "Francois Hollande"

European Youth Parliament, session in Vannes

Getting the girls in my committee to work, our subject was about immigration

Hahah nu jobbar vi på

Every school had made food from different countries, and one schol had cooked swedish!
Ett ganska bra resultat, för att vara fransmän. Köttbullarna var lite plattare och pepprigare, kladdkakan kunde varit kladdigare, däremot var daim-tårtan perfekt. Ett bra jobb!

Assamblé generale (time for debate!)

Chairperson (leader) of the committee on female rights was very into his subject

It was a very enriching day, interesting subjects and debates. I even held a speech (in french!)

För alla svenskar som är intresserade: kolla upp Europeiska ungdomsparlamentet (EUP) och ni har chansen att delta i stora som små sessioner i sverige och utomlands där man träffar unga , från hela europa (på de internationella sessionerna) och diskuterar de problem som rör oss alla europeiska medborgare idag. De två officiella språken är engelska och franska , så det är en otroligt bra språkträning också!


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