Noël en france:Paris, Soissons,Reims, Bouilly

Christmas in france!
The holidays started with some days in paris with lorraine..

we had the time to catch up with Juliette, Manon et célian who had been some days in London and were going back to Nantes from Paris..

We went to gallerie de l'evolution and checked out all the animals..

I found a swedish friend

And to the Louvre..

My beautiful hostsister at Jardin du luxembourg


After Paris we went to the small town Soissons to celebrate christmas eve with my hostfather philippe's parents..
La famille Roger

In france you put the presents on the table

Christmas in france is all about eating....

Christmas day we went to my hostfathers older daughter Hélène who lives in the town Reims..
Hélène and her boyfriend Maxime

To eat a little bit more..

Hugo, his older brother Clement and my hostfather Philippe

I got to see the beautiful Cathedral Notre Dame de Reims.. since it was christmas they made a show with the illuminations.. very beautiful!

Next day we went to the small village Bouilly to visit my hostmother Véroniques parents who are Champagne producers! I got to see how they do it all!
Véronique and her brother Rémy

Her father in action

Imagine that the champagne we drink comes from these beautiful landscapes

And ends like this...

Voila my christmas in france!!!

Joyeux noël!!!

Postat av: Ebba - Frankrike 12/13

Åå, vad fint och härligt det ser ut att vara!

2011-12-27 @ 21:21:29
Postat av: Lisa

Så härligt! Och du är så himla fin! God fortsättning :)

2011-12-29 @ 20:42:40

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