Last weekend I went to the city of dreams .... Paris!
My colombian aunt (who lives in switzerland, yes my family is too internationaly mixed) was there with my cousins and her husband. I hadn't seen them for two years so it was amazing seeing them again!

Friday evening we ate a a very typical french resturant.. i had it all.. the wine, the cheese, the bread... one of the best meals i've ever had. Here's my aunt (middle) her husband (right) with my cousin nicolas and her french friend from Alsace (left).

I ate canard (duck) it was amazing..

Next day we started at jardin du luxemburg.. here's my little cousin lucia

afterwards we took a promenade in the latin quartier..

my dream university

After this we went to Notre Dame
Me and Lucia

My aunt, her husband and their friends from Alsace

When you're far from home a long time you really feel how important your family is to you. Even if i don't meet this part of my family very often i really felt how much you miss your family. I'm not homesick at all, I'm having the time of my life in france, but this weekend meant loads to me.

We ate lunch in saint-michel at a creprie..

In the evening we went to the champs-elysées and l'arc de triomphe

And.. we continued to the eiffel tower and even went to the top.. unfortunately it was very foggy so we didn't see much from the top but from the second stage we got a great view

Next day we a beautiful quartier called le Marais

We ate lunch at an arabic restaurant.. Nico was happy

After lunch i said goodbye to my family who were leaving.. i still had some hours to my train so i took a look at the beautiful graveyard of père lachaise (graveyard sounds depressing i know) but it was very beautiful and loads of celebrities are buried here.

Un jour j'habiterai à Paris.



Postat av: Emma

Det ser underbart ut!

Saknar dig! <3

2011-12-06 @ 21:46:45

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