Les Roger

Coucou! I thought I would make a proper presentation of my Hostfamily, La famille Roger.
Les Roger call themselves "Ecologists" , they don't travel with airplane, they have a car, but prefer biking everywhere, they do recycling and so on. For me they're not extremely "ecologic" recycling and stuff are very common in sweden ... but for being french i suppose they really take care to the environment. However i had pictured it much more extreme before leaving. They don't have a tv or a dishwasher but i haven't had the need.
They very cultural, love going to concerts, cinema, theather, they read a lot. One of my favourite things is at dinner when i often discuss difference in the political and social system between sweden and france. I learn new things everyday, just by living in this family.

Voila Véronique. She is "une vrai francaise" who cooks wonderfully...
She is very musical and plays baroque flute and violin! She often plays in the evening after dinner, so it's perfect listening to her before going to sleep.

Voila Hugo. He's 19 and studies geography at the university of nantes. He doesn't play guitar he's just posing with his fathers gibson haha. However, he plays precussion and drums. Like me he plays at the music conservatory of Nantes :)

Hahahaha voila Philippe! He doesn't really look like that in real life, but when i asked him if he could pose with something very french he chose that haha. Philippe plays old rock 'n' roll and country, and he plays guitar all the time. I often wake up in the morning hearing very beautiful acoustic guitarplaying. He has an AMAZING guitar i'm dying to try, but i haven't really had the courage to ask... his guitars are like his children.. haha

And finally.... Lorraine! The only one in the family to not play an instrument.. but she's awsome anyway! Super-sociable , fun girl. She loves playing angry birds on my iphone haha. We're in the same class... and it works very well. We don't really have the same group of friends but all over we have many friends in common to. It's great having a hostsister as her, it makes me feel much less alone.

Well so now you know,


Postat av: Lisa

Du verkar ju ha det helt fantastiskt! Tråkigt det där med handen bara :( om du visste va Jag är avis! Bisous/ la suédois ;)

2011-11-18 @ 16:28:04
URL: http://snobbsessan.blogg.se/

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