One month en france

I've been in france one month today. If i had to go home now i would already come home as a changed peson. I've learned new things everyday, met so many new poeple and had ups-and-downs, though i must be honest and say i 've had mostly ups.
I miss my family. I miss my little brother and sister. But that's it.
I know quite a lot of people for only been here a month, but i miss my close friends.
I've learned that it's only up to you , to get to know people. You have to make an effort, even if you get the impression they don't like you. You have to show them what a fun exchange student you are ;)

First week was difficult. I had headaches all the time, believe me, you have to concentrate very hard to understand all french. I was tired of getting lost everywhere, not finding the right streets and places. But,with time things get easier, and now i'm really starting to understand "the french way of life".

Oh yeah, french people have weird habits. For exemple, they love changing the order of letters and words. They say a lot of things backwards. Here's a little list:

-Bisou-zoubi= kiss
-Merci-simer (cimer)= thanks

And a lot more...

it's IMPOSSIBLE to follow the conversations when they speak like this. Apart from this, my french has improved SO MUCH. Today i was at the movie's with lorraine, and i didn't even notice at first that the movie was in french! I understood everything. Almost ;)

Yesterday we had a farwell-party for Lucilla, an italian exchange-student who was here only a month. Lucilla i will miss you so much, it's amazing to have met you. I hope you'll come back soon! Anyway, it was a great party, with great people!

Alors on danse!

Moi et lucilla

Fresh faces at the airport the next morning... at least we got up to say goodbye

I love france. I know hard times will come during this year, but so far i can't believe how lucky I've been with everything (family, school, city, friends etc). I've lived more things than what i do in half-year in sweden.

France, je t'aime.

Postat av: Emma S i 3A

Fan vad snygg du är Desirée!

Hoppas att du har det toppen, vi saknar dig och tänker på dig!

2011-11-20 @ 13:34:02

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