pas de paris, pas d'alto , grace au chocolat chaud

I've been updating badly lately. But i will tell you what happned to me.

Saturday hugo was having his birthday party and i thought i would make a chocolate cake. Beacause of a bad recepie i had found on the internet and me who is not very good at cooking, i burned my hand with hot chocolate. next day my hand was all swullen, so i had to go to the doctor. It's not too bad, but they said i have to see a nurse every day for some time who's going to take care of it. byebye my trip to paris with lorraine. So this vacation i stay in nantes and well.. i can't even play viola with my hand, so i go out or watch movies with lorraine. haha i've had a good time anyway, but i'm just stupid some times.

I've been watching quite a lot of this..



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