Reunion YFU

Coucou! Last sunday we had a reunion with Yfu (my organisation) and i got to meet all exchange-students in my region (Bretagne et pays de la loire) all over again! It was great meeting you gúys, and we'll see eachother soon again!

America, Switzerland, Chile, Thailand and Equador

Me and one of my favourite latinas. Fernanda de chile! Me encanta poder hablar espanol contigo!

All countries were asked to bring a dessert from their country in addition to all food. I ate to much.
Jag hade bakat svenska kanelbullar, som jag tyckte blev jättefula ,men de gjorde succé!

Chile, Switzerland and Germany


All hostfamilies were there to, so my hostbrother Hugo made some new friends ;)

My favourite "Suisse" Valentina, on va manger des escargots ensemble , je te promets.

Vous êtes cool mes amis.

à très bientôtb


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