Paris et le monde

Cocou! I will start writing in both english and swedish so more people can take part of this blog. Yesterday I arrived at my hostfamily and they've been SO nice. It's incredible, really. Pictures will be up soon. In the meantime, i will tell you about the arrival orientation in paris these past three days. I met exchange students from all over the world, and it was amazing! Here are some pictures from our night in paris!

ps. (swedish) min värdbror är JÄTTEsnygg. Illa. qu-est ce que je vais faire???????

Hahahaha vilken t-shirt

Me and amanda from Venezuela, it was nice to find people to speak spanish with!

Crazy swedes! Haha inga vanliga svenska detta!


Sweden, sweden/colombia (me hahaha) and switzerland

Moi et macarena from Chile!

la tour eifel!

Germany and sweden

Notre dame


people drinking wine along the seine... c'est la vie ici en france

Postat av: Emma

DESSIE! - jag är fett avundsjuk! Saknar dig MASSOR!

Du ser ut att ha det underbart - jag är toppenglad för din skull

love yah kiss kiss

2011-09-06 @ 15:44:54

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