Une nouvelle classe

Oui, c'est ca! I've changed class. No more bizarre maths (derivator av oändliga tal och sjuka saker), physics, weird animals and chemistry. The other day a girl from my class told me there was a madame who's looking for me, she wants to speak to you.. well d'accord, i went to see her. She asked me... so how's it going in your class? I said great! (I had really started liking them, and made some good friends) ... and the courses....? haha in sweden i'm in economy class, so well yes i understad mostly nothing. So she told me they had a spot for me in one of the econ-classes, which made me very happy. So now i'm in the same class as my host-sister lorraine, i hope we'll be able to cope seeing eachother all the time (haha she's awsome just kidding). I really like the new class, i just hope i'll be able to mantain the friendships i've made with my first class. I'm not in france to study, since i'm not doing the final exams (Le bac) but i feel better being able to understand SOMETHING in class. It's hard enough with the french. Okay so now you know.

Bonne nuit


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