Une semaine en france

So, now i've been an exchange student in france for a week. To sum it all up,  I've never had such an bad, great, exiting and exhausting week. Believe me, you have to concentrate a LOT to understand everyone, and you get very tired. The first days i had several bad headaches.

i'm very happy with everything. My hostfamily is amazing, i promise i'll present them properly for you soon. Anyway, school is getting good to. Yesterday i understood almost everything in history-class and i've started to realy like my class. Wenesday afternoon i went to the center of nantes with some guys from my school. They bought tickets for a electro-music festival called "scopiton" or something haha. Anyway, i asked my host-sis if she was going to and maybe i'll go with her and her friends or people from my class. ( Haha slagsmålsklubben kommer dit, min syster ba: vaaa är de svnska??)
Oh, but i've had some very horrible moments to. For exemple, i had an audition at "conservatoire de la musique" for my viola courses, and i can tell you they are very strict here in france, especially with classical music. I was told level three would fit me well (by my granfather who also plays viola) and i said ok. Well level three is the last level at the conservatory. You should have seen their faces when i told them i was auditioning for level three. After my very failed audition i was supposed to try getting home with my bike, and of course i got lost. When i finally found my way again, my wheel broke. (JAG FICK PUNKTERING). So i had to go back to the music conservatory and tell my hostbrother Hugo what happened. He helped me home and later he fixed the bika. (I'm so lucky to have a hostbrother and a hostsister). My day got better when i went back to school and had lunch with some awsome people from both mine and the other sience class.
I've met some nice people in school, so we'll see where all this takes me. The girls here have a lot of prejudices, they realy judge other girls they hardly know. It's so bizare. The boys are a lot easier. Well, it's still difficult to talk and be sociable , beacause of the language, they speak very fast with a lot of words i don't understand. People in school are very nice to me, and let me copy all they're notes in class haha. I just think many people here are a little afraid of speaking to me, since they don't know me so well, but that will come in time. Anyway, to night i think i'm going to some "soirée" with Lorraine (my host-sis) and her friends. We'll see how it all ends. Anyway, trop cool. à tout a l'heure


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